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​Program Services, Eligibility Criteria, Service Area

As I Grow - San Antonio (AIG-SA) is a voluntary program available at no cost to families and organizations. We utilize the community outreach approach and offer services to parents/caregivers residing in San Antonio and Bexar County with at least one child attending or residing within the boundaries of a Title 1 school. 

AIG-SA As I Grow - San Antonio (AIG-SA) is comprised of professional volunteers committing their time and efforts to provide a much needed service to the community for the well-being of children in San Antonio and Bexar County.  All children are assessed and monitored for developmental status.   

Although, there are no charges to parents or community partners for any of our services, we will solicit donations from private individuals in support of this program’s efforts and donations are always welcomed.

Service Area

Currently, As I Grow - San Antonio only serves San Antonio & Bexar County, specifically families with children attending Title 1 schools or with a child that lives within the boundaries of a Title 1 school.


In order to qualify for a child developmental screening, a child must be 5 years and younger with a signed parent/caregiver consent.  There are no income requirements. 

Parent education is offered to parents of children screened by AIG-SA that are not currently enrolled in another parent education program or parents that have not participated in a parent education program within the previous 12 months. 

Screening for language & literacy disorders are available for school aged children with a parent/caregiver request and signed consent. This service is offered to parents with children in elementary grades; no income requirements.

Programs Services

1. Developmental screenings for children up to 66 months
​2. Parent assessments
3. Parent education
4. Parent training on the dynamics of family violence, self-regulation, safe co-sleeping, child development
5. Screening for language and literacy challenges
​6. Parent resources and referral if further assessment is identified, and follow up as needed.  


Community agents willing to collaborate with AIG-SA must agree to host screening sessions and or parent education training sessions at their facility. To respect the privacy of family and child - screenings are done by appointment.


AIG- SA coordinates with Apartment Activity Coordinators, Community Centers, Private and Public schools and interested organizations. Methods of outreach includes setting up at fairs, or other such community events, mail outs, phone calls to local organizations, school family liaison, and activity coordinators of the various housing communities.​  Efforts are focused on providing families of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary children information on the importance of screening to ensure children are meeting critical milestones in their development.  

AIG-SA encourages organizations to host a developmental screening in their catchment area.  If you would like to host an event, please contact