AS I GROW - SAN ANTONIO provides developmental screening for children up to age five. AIG-SA coordinates with
apartment activity coordinators; community centers; private and public schools. 
*Community agents willing to collaborate with AIG-SA must agree to host screening sessions and or parent education training sessions at their facility. Screenings are done by appointment. 

Welcome Guests and thank you for visiting our website. If you've heard our name about town and wondered who and what we are... well... As I Grow-San Antonio was created to provide a much needed stand-alone service - developmental screening. No visit to the doctor's office or signing up for parenting classes and home visits. Not that those services are not necessary, because they are. Our focus is to offer parents a glance at their child's development by administering regular developmental screenings. Depending on the results we make recommendations and referrals. It is through these regular screenings that professionals and parents can decide if further assessment is necessary. Early detection is key to addressing potential delays. Regular screenings also provide parents and caregivers a glance at what to expect next.

Now, unfortunately, like businesses and nonprofits around the country, As I Grow - San Antonio (ASI-SA) has been impacted by this pandemic. However, being a volunteer organization, we did not have paid personnel to worry about, but we did lose our volunteers. Two of our board members are in the high-risk category, so they take every precaution to limit possible exposure to COVID-19. 

Since we were unable to collaborate with other organizations to deliver face-to-face services, we decided to table our services until a later date. Our most significant concern is on maintaining our website. For now, please visit our Facebook page. We will continue to post information relevant to families and children.

Thank you. Stay safe. Practice social distance, wear a mask if required, recommended, or necessary. We cannot make a difference if we are not present in this world. 

Ready to learn

Best practice for school success is to be prepared to learn - as much as possible. Some children start school unprepared to handle their new academic environment. School-age children face learning challenges with unidentified learning disabilities.

AS I GROW - San Antonio provides screening for literacy and language development for children attending a Title 1 school. 

PARENT Training

AS I GROW - SAN ANTONIO offers group parenting sessions for parents in their community.

Parent education is offered to parents of children screened by AIG-SA that are not currently enrolled in another parent education program, or parents that have not participated in a parent education program within the previous 12 months.